Youngsters Association

Best NGO Award For the year 2012-13.Ministry of youth Affairs & Sports,Govt. Of India.

Skill Development Training

Once location mapping has been conducted, localities are selected to conduct the field level functionaries of the organization. Once the community members get convinced about the work, they are divided into different batches and their skill development trainings are organized in their own villages. YOUNGSTERS ASSOCIATION conducts skill development trainings in such areas, where the artisans are taught the basics of weaving, the techniques, usage of tool, efficient manners of working, reading the design maps etc. this whole process goes on from 2-3 months. YOUNGSTERS ASSOCIATION installs weaving looms in the villages and lets the trainers teach the art of weaving to the unskilled community members and transform them into skilled artisans.

On successful completion of the training, the skilled artisans are given job work in their own localities, either at the same loom that was utilized for training or on a nearby loom located at a walking distance from their households. Thus, both the trainings as well as livelihoods are provided to the village community in their local settings and they are not required to out migrate from their rural habitations in search for sustainable livelihoods.

India is filled with talent and rug weaving is not a new technique for many. Hence, Youngsters Association conducts Skill Upgradation Trainings for those weavers who are already acquainted with the art of weaving. This kind of training involves teaching them to meet the new standards as per the demand, to be set to work upon the higher standards, teach them the latest technique or using of some new tool.These upgradation training are essential both in terms of meeting the market standards and for continual motivation of the workers. They uplift the psyche of the artisans and help put forward better and efficient results.