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Best NGO Award For the year 2012-13.Ministry of youth Affairs & Sports,Govt. Of India.

Nihar Skills Education

Nihar Skills Educations, of the fastest growing skill development organization in Andhra Pradesh. It has been An initiative under the Youngsters Association. With its register office at kadapa. We are serving in the fields of cater to the needs of industry with market conditions wherein time compression and mass customization are the priorities. It aims to transfigure skill development by leveraging technology and program management of Government initiatives to generate millions of skilled manpower. Government of India endeavors to impart skill training to 500 million people by 2025. To realize such scale, it is catalyst that will hone and sharpen young talents, skills and abilities and cause them to blossom. As skills and energy became more of demand, people who didn't have skills were just left behind, got shuttled to side. Specifically, Our skill development and training programmes keep up their promise and prepare them for this new world.

Speaking on the initiative, NIHAR SKILLS EDUCATION Development Programmes have made a real difference in the lives of countless young people nationwide; they fabricate self confidence and leadership skills by allowing learner to utilize their unique gifts and talents. It covers a diverse range of activities aimed at re-engaging young people who are at risk of leaving school or those who have left school early.

NIHAR SKILLS EDUCATION intends to be a state-of-the-art training institution that combines subject-matter expertise, advanced teaching approaches and sound programme management. It is handled with smart and effective approaches: coaching, emotional intelligence, knowledge sharing. The courses are designed to help young people become 'Job Ready' helping to build a more robust global community.

The courses are handled by experts in the field of engineering and technology with good industrial experience. Curriculum that covers knowledge on materials, manufacturing processes, material selection, optimization techniques, economics, safety and Finite element applications are devised with the involvement of industry. There are well equipped laboratories where students can work in depth to gain knowledge in selected domains of manufacturing, automobile, welding, plumbing, etc. Students of this programme are hired by IT firms, manufacturing companies and retail shops. Ship building industries, Coal, Mines, Steel, Aviation, Automotive, Infrastructure development, Facility planners for townships, Architecture, Medical education and training for health care are the beneficiaries of this programme


NIHAR SKILLS EDUCATION projects the mission to impart value based technical and management education providing the highest standard of professional ethics in the field of education by cultivating the spirit of creativity and motivation among students and staff. The mission focuses to empower the students with an entrepreneurial attitude such that all those who are qualified become job providers rather than job seekers. The mission demands to

  • Integrate creativity towards global internal standards through significant industry involvement.
  • Develop necessary frameworks for delivering a standardized curriculum.
  • Enhance the initiatives of entrepreneurs and multinational companies for strategical development through coordination and active partnership.
  • Meet the challenges of the demands required for the marginalized and the underprivileged.
  • Eradicate poverty or bring it to the minimum
  • Focus significantly on the unorganized or informal section of the community.

Ensure healthy financial schemes, helping enterprises to have an access to funding and loans to increase their business and marketing ability.


NIHAR SKILLS EDUCATION prompts the community of students to cater to the demands raised by multinational companies and industries. The global reunification of economies and industries accentuates, creates and initiates academic and extra academic endeavors that enable the next generation of young India to be world leaders in all educational discipline namely management, engineering, law and communication management. A Continuous learning process provides proper direction and strives towards their creativity and momentum and instills will power among them. NIHAR SKILLS EDUCATION envisages the establishment of a august temple of learning to educate and train the youth to perform well in their professions.


The methodology of instruction in NIHAR SKILLS EDUCATION is different from that of the conventional vocational training schools. The education system is more learner-oriented and the learner is an active participant in the pedagogical (teaching and learning) process. Most of the instructions are imparted through integrated education methodology and face-to-face mode as per the requirement. The delivery system encompasses 50% through class room teaching (both off line–black board teaching and online mode) and the remaining classes through field training in flexible time schedule. NIHAR SKILLS EDUCATION allows internship/on-the-job training to be taken by students during their course of study. The internship / on-the-job training at companies give value addition to the student community to make them ready for taking real world challenges when they take up job positions. Daily 6 hours training will be undertaken in 6 days a week.

The pedagogy at NIHAR SKILLS EDUCATION comprises of the following characteristics :

  • Induction and orientation of students joining new streams of professional courses.
  • Lecturates and specific lessons conducted by experts from the applied field and visiting faculties to orient and reflect the students about the latest developments that are taking place in the concerned field.
  • Case study approach which stimulate real life industrial problems through well documented algorithms.
  • Role playing techniques which helps the students to play the role of the functionaries, understudy to stimulate the situations in practical environment pacing with standard prescriptions, suited to the actual grasp of the theory.
  • Brainstorming/brain mashing processes with the help of activity games and deliberate quiz programmes on the issues concerning important topics during interviews and group discussions.
  • Industrial tours conducted at after frequent intervals giving the students the real life business environment.
  • Management games are the most sought after fillers for students to broaden their creative intelligence.
  • Technical work shops organized in different trades/course provide ample opportunities to students to participate in different theoretical and practical aspects of branches of study.
Goals & Objectives
  • To impart vocational guidance, expertise and training for sustained development, in empowering and creating employability; to the emergency affected, underprivileged and marginalized community over 20 million people in India by 2025.
  • To supplement formal schooling to children and youth with subjects relevant to their protection, wellbeing and psychological needs in a conducive motivated environment.
  • To carry out development of a new strategic framework for skill development for the school drop-outs and existing workers especially in the informal sector in close consultation with industry, micro enterprises in the informal sector, State Governments, experts and academia.
  • Accelerating the march towards globalization, educational programmes are conducted with support of the Human Resource Ministry of the State/Central Government to impart adult literacy, basic education for out of school children providing them with life skills, work skills enhancing cultural education. So that respect for their own country’s ancient heritage and culture is developed.