Youngsters Association

Best NGO Award For the year 2012-13.Ministry of youth Affairs & Sports,Govt. Of India.


YOUNGSTERS ASSOCIATION is a firm believer of educating the mass on the whole. Literacy is necessity, and YOUNGSTERS ASSOCIATION functions towards spreading awareness and providing knowledge. Other than teaching the weavers about numerical and literal alphabetic knowledge, the foundation draws attention upon other fundamental aspects of day to day life. Concentrating mainly towards educating the women, continued sessions are taken to teach the women how to read and write; at par letting them perform signatures rather than thumb prints. Mobilizing them to be able to be able to use cell phones/ mobiles!

Along with this, bringing consciousness about health issues, aspects of hygiene and family living, about cleanliness and environment shaping. Talking upon issues like family planning, monetary keepings, and life skills are another agenda upon the YOUNGSTERS ASSOCIATION teachings. Other than these necessities, YOUNGSTERS ASSOCIATION also touches upon building communication skills and managerial aspects of the weavers, as the motto of YOUNGSTERS ASSOCIATION is ‘each artisan an entrepreneur.