Youngsters Association

Best NGO Award For the year 2012-13.Ministry of youth Affairs & Sports,Govt. Of India.

Community Mobilization

Youngsters Association reaches out to the rural communities and spreads awareness about carpet weaving as a vocation and their potential gateway for sustainable livelihoods. The thrust is on locating and training the target populace to transform them into skilled artisans and alongside, exploring how their collective strengths may be developed further so as to enable them become life entrepreneurs. Such awareness generation also takes the form of exposure visits of the unskilled populace to those sites where skilled artisans are engaged in carpet weaving with the support of Youngsters Association. The main objectives of such exposure visits are: to enable the unskilled persons to take a firsthand look at how skilled carpet artisans work in the looms; to facilitate interactions between the potential skill development trainees and the previously trained artisans; and to acquaint the unskilled persons with the different steps involved in carpet manufacturing, especially weaving processes. This enables the people who are interested in enrolling for skill development training to take informed and well thought decision over taking up carpet weaving as a vocation and star considering it as a sustainable source of livelihood.

The recent Youngsters Association efforts towards community mobilization have been in the rural locations of Andhra Pradesh and Telagana. In Andhra Pradesh, such work was carried out in the villages of Kadapa and Rayachoty. In Telagana, the district under focus had been Deoghar. The field operations were started in the previous years and so far the focus of the interventions is primarily on enterprise development, especially skill development and up gradation in carpet weaving.